Yahweh The Pillar- the revelation

Yahweh The Pillar* was birthed from a place of despair and uncertainty, when I was going through life challenges. We all pass through moments in our lives that we require inspiration and support from our families, friends and from above. In every phase of life, people face situations that could be discouraging and tasking.

No matter how difficult and tough, these things are meant to build you and make you better if you put your trust and hope in God.
By meditating on God’s word, I was drawn to the book of Exodus 13 where the Israelites were also facing uncertain times. Yahweh was there for them both day and night. He was also protecting and keeping them, although they couldn’t see or feel his presence there. Just as God showed up as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night for the Israelites to lead them to the Promised land.
The Lord showed his mighty hand in my situation and brought me to a place of peace. The Lord will also show up for you, no matter how tough and rough your own experiences might be, keep your faith up and your hope alive by not giving up no matter how hard the situation is.
He’s always there, a present help in times of need.

This song is especially relevant for these times of uncertainty due to the global pandemic Covid-19 where a lot of people have lost their jobs, loved ones and also peace of mind, to remind us of God’s steady and assuring hand for all those who trust and believe in Him.

No matter what your pains are, your miracle is on the way!

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