Saltword for today – 9Mar2023

Saltword for today

2 The Gentiles shall see your righteousness, And all kings your glory. You shall be called by a new name, Which the mouth of the Lord will name.
3 You shall also be a crown of glory In the hand of the Lord, And a royal diadem In the hand of your God.
4 You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate;
But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah;
For the Lord delights in you,
And your land shall be married.

Glory to the Lord
Worship Him
The God of our salvation
Honour to the Lord
Adore Him
The God of our peace
Worthy is the Lord
Magnify Him
He is worthy of our praise
Even the unbelievers shall see your righteousness
They shall give glory to God on your behalf
When they see how God decorates your life
You shall roll with Kings
You shall dine with Queens
Becoming a global phenomenon
It does not take anything from God to change the story of any man
Within split seconds all is made new
What you are waiting for
What you are believing God for
Shall surely come to pass
We are God’s special people
His royal diadem
His precious jewel
Know these facts
And know peace
Showcase the praise of Him
Who called you out of darkness
He called us into His marvelous light
You are the light of the world
Shine bright
The key is your salvation
The door is your heart
Inside there are treasures
So guard your salvation
The special people of God
A city set on a hill
The God of host is with us
The God of Jacob is our refuge
You cannot be hidden
You are above only
Seated with Jesus Christ
In the heavenly places
Far above sicknesses
Far above failures
Far above diseases
Far above depression
Far above worries and doubts
Into the presence God
Into the presence of Jesus
You are going higher and higher
You story is changing
No more defeats
You are on your way to better days
God delights in you
He calls you Hephzibah the delight of the Lord
He calls you Beulah the beautiful bride of Jesus
We are his beautiful bride
The Lord our God reigns
We are the apple of His eyes
You touch us
You touch God
The only option available to you is to succeed
Failure is not an option
Our light afflictions are just for a season
They are just for a short moment
You are on your way to better days
Praise the Lord


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