Saltword for today – 23Jan2023

Saltword for today

Heb 2vs4
Behold the proud,
His soul is not upright in him;
But the just shall live by his faith.

For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”

But that no one is justified by the law in the sight of God is evident, for “the just shall live by faith.”

Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him.

We are justified by grace through faith in Jesus
It is interchangeable we are justified by faith through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
It all starts and ends with Jesus
The righteousness of God revealed
From faith to faith
From believing to believing
From godliness to godliness
From results to results
All the things we can see with the natural eyes were once conceived in the mind of the inventors
Though humans call themselves inventors and creator
The one who made all things is God
Every house is built by someone
The one who built all things is God
All things were made by Him and for Him
The realm of imagination birth the advancement of technology we can all see today
People imagined the development of life from the stone ago to the jet age we found ourselves today
The buildings
The skyscrapers
The gigantic heavy-duty cars
The improvement in automatic cars
The emergence of autonomous driverless and self-driving cars
The drones and underwater sophisticated submarines
The magnificent Boeing and Airbus airplanes
The ancient buildings of the Roman empire in Italy
Still existing today
The high towers in France
The humongous architecture of the UK and
The cloud touching highs of the United States
They were all conceived in the minds of men who built those structures of which many have passed on to eternity
All buildings are built by some men
He who built all things is God
May He build your life
May He decorate your life with beauty and success
Oh tiny men you call them if you look down from just ten thousand feet above sea level
Farther up there we humans are like moving dots on the face of the earth
We need humility
We need the fear of God
We need to humble ourselves
What is man that he is mindful of us
There are billions of us on this planet
He knows you
He knows me
He calls us by our unique names
He loves us
He calls us by our names
Each one of us
The hair strands on our heads are all numbered
Billions and trillions of them
Live by faith
Everyday look up to God
Depend on Him
Reverence God
Honor God
He will honor you


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