Saltword for today – 21Dec2022

Saltword for today


  1. However, the report went around concerning Him all the more; and a great multitude came together to hear, and to be healed by Him of their infirmities
  2. So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed

Jesus our Lord and saviour carries the presence of God
He is Lord Himself
Although He is man also
He came into the word like you and me
Lived an example for us as sons and daughters of God to see
Children of the most high
Take your pen and paper
Follow me on a journey to discovering the secret behind his powerful ministry
Everyone talks about him
He was the name on every man’s lips during His time here
He talked about His father to everyone He met
Always reminding people about the Kingdom of God
Ready to deliver the nations from the oppressions of Satan
He was the centre of attraction back then
He is still the centre of all things now
People knew they will find solutions to all their problems in him
All kinds of diseases were healed by Him
I believe the most difficult ones such as cancerous growths were dried up by His healing balm
Although most of these ones they now call incurable diseases these days were cured back then by our Lord
Interestingly He is still doing the healing today
Delivering men and women from the chains of darkness
Raising the dead
Bringing joy and good tidings to homes and families
Wiping away tears and sorrow
No matter where you are
The Lord will heal you
The Lord will visit you
The secret to all of these miracles is that He always withdrew Himself somewhere to pray
If Jesus the founder of heaven and earth
The author of all creation
The one who knows it all could separate time to pray
We also need to keep our alter burning
Keep your prayer life up
Burning for the Lord
Burning with unquenchable fire
Always ready for the King
Always enjoying his presence
Because His presence is equal to the power we need to excel
The power we need to perform our Royal duties
Where the word of a King is, there is power
To recharge the battery of your spiritual life you must pray
Talk to God
Connect with Him
Pray without ceasing
Pray when you feel like it
Pray more when you dont feel like it
A prayerless Christian is full of inactive power
A prayerful Christian is manifesting power always
Pray your way into 2023
May the Lord clothe you with the garment of prayer
May He give speedy answers to your request
Before you even open your mouth answers will flow
May God bless you with the spirit of prayer and supplication
You are blessed and highly favoured


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