Saltword for today – 1Mar2023

Saltword for today

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us 
into the kingdom of the Son of His love

Happy new month
It is the month of March
Our month of marchless grace
You are marching into the light of God
Happiness shall not cease in your life
Joy and gladness shall be the norm in your family
Your joy shall be full
It is a month of abundant blessing
Let no one dig up your past and accuse you of anything
Let no devil bring up the mememories of the past events to hunt your mind
You are a new creature in Jesus Christ
We have been made more than conquerors
We are seated with Jesus Christ in heavenly places
Far above sicknesses and diseases
Far above principalities and powers
Saved by grace
Called out of darkness
Called into His marvelous light
Shine in the face of any circumstances
We have no option but to shine
Shine everywhere we go
Shine wherever we find ourselves
And glorify the name of the Lord
It is over for whatever represents darkness in your life today
Receive the light of God
You are a city set on hill
You are to glorify His holy and precious name
Christ Jesus is enough for you
Everything you need is in Him
Since you have decided to follow Him
He will never leave or forsake you
He will always show up
No matter what today seems to look like
Stay focused on Him
Are discouraged and worried
Are you disappointed and bitter because presently things did not go the way you want it to go
The situation does not seem to favour
The Lord is saying not to worry
Do not fret
Let not your heart be troubled
Rejoice in me always
I will turn it around
I will make it for your good
I will do a new thing
I will make ways in the wilderness
I will bring life out of the dead situation
You shall laugh in the end
Never envy the wicked
Never pull him down
Pray for him to repent
Pray for him to turn from his wicked ways
The judgement of the Lord will come
It will come suddenly if he does not repent
You focus on God
Your redemption is here
Your redeemer is near
You are the redeemed of the Lord
God has risen on your behalf
Your enemies are scattered
You are victorious
Glory be to God
God has changed your name
He has called you victory
This first day of the month
Shall open new doors for you
It shall be a day of peace and joy for you
It shall be a day of divine success and unmatched glory in your life
Instead of rejection
Your acceptance shall be overwhelming
Instead of failure your success cannot be substituted
Shine brighter in Jesus name
It is your month
Goodness and mercy shall follow you
You are blessed
You are favoured
You are a blessing
You are a success
You are healed and delivered
March into your destiny
March into your breakthrough
God bless you


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