Saltword for today – 17Jan2023

Saltword for today

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Our faith is what gives us the victory
Salvation comes with the heart believing unto righteousness
We already have victory
Are you born again
If yes you are born of God
If no and you are reading this texts
Accept Jesus as your lord and personal savior to enjoy these benefits
Born again is born of God
Born again is from above
Born again has overcome the world
Born again has victory
That victory is our faith
But you and I must fight
God loves fighters
Jesus is the captain of the armies of heaven
War broke out in heaven
But God already won before the battle began
The enemy is willing to add your land to his own land
The enemy is ready to encroach on your territory
The enemy is always jealous
The enemy is willing to stay put if you permit him
Look at that long standing problem you have been praying about
That issue that makes your heart pause for a bit
It is not supposed to be so
You need to make conscious effort to confront the enemy
And allow faith to deliver for you
Faith is a spiritual force
Our weapon of mass destruction
Faith is living and not dead
Faith is also obedient
Meaning for faith to be effective we must be born of God
Being born of God guarantees victory
You must be born again
Born again like Jesus
And not stop at being born again but a step further
Daily walking with God
We are operating from the position of victory
So therefore you need to stir the waters
You dont need anyone to do it for you
Do it yourself
Whatever God says you should do
Just do it
Faith prays
Faith expect results
Faith sees Instant results
Faith that delivers
No double-mindedness
So no more fear of the unknown
No more sitting in a corner to weep
Your joy has arrived
Your morning is here
Your mourning is over
There is joy in the morning
So then begin to claim all that is yours through faith
Do not allow what you can see now to determine what you are expecting
Eyes have not seen
God made the world out of nothing
He called these things into being
Without faith you cannot please God
So with faith you please him
With abundant faith you please God more
It is that simple and easy
Meaning our heavenly father is happy with you
Your enemies will be at peace with you
They have no options
And you know what that endorsement means
It means you have access to the treasures of heaven
God will open your eyes to see things
He will open your ears to hear things
He will open your heart to understand things and access wisdom
Things that eyes have not seen
Things that men ears have not heard about
Shall be the norm in your space
All the blessings in the word of God shall meet up with you and overtake you
So then
Why are you worried
Why are you discouraged
Why are you fearful
Fight for what belongs to you
Fight in the place of prayer
Fight in the place of fasting
Fight in the place of obedience
Fight in the place of belief
Fight with violent faith
Fight the good fight of faith
The Bible calls it the good fight of faith because God loves good fighters
He is the judge of all
He knows we are already victorious
And wonders why we allow the issue to stay
He said fight
Take your destiny into your own hands
Take what belongs to you
If you dont the enemy will sit tight
The enemy will claim more
You need to chase them away
These Egyptians you see today
You shall see them no more
Take a step of faith
Fight off all those concerns on your knees
Your answer is guaranteed
Your reward is settled
Your victory is sure


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